Our Products

Our collection is carefully curated to bring our customers thoughtfully sourced, unique pieces that will bring joy to your wardrobe. We purposefully seek out comfortable, flattering garments that are constructed to last. 

We consider thoughtfully made goods to be those that are

  • Fair Trade 
  • Made in the USA
  • Made by a local artist or craftsman

Additionally, we support select organizations that hold charity at the core of their business model. 

Scroll down for a few frequently asked questions about our guidelines for purchasing. 

Additionally, Tin Lizzy is passionate about inspiring "Thoughtful Shopping". Being a "Thoughtful Shopper" is as simple as asking the following questions about the goods you purchase:

  • Who made it and under what conditions?
  • Where did it come from and how did it get to me?
  • How much money did the producer receive and how did it benefit the local economy?

    By encouraging "thoughtful shopping", we hope to inspire shoppers to care more about where the goods they purchase come from and who is affected at every step in the supply chain. By sharing the stories of our artisan partners, we hope to create a lasting reminder of the person- artisan, mother, entrepreneur, sister, friend- behind each product. For the already conscious consumer, we are a reliable source for ethical fashion and for the newly "thoughtful shopper", we hope to inspire a pattern of conscious consumerism.

    Here are answers to a few FAQ's we commonly hear. If you have any further questions about our sourcing standards, please feel free to email us at info@shoptinlizzy.com. 

    What is Fair Trade? 

      The foundation of the fair trade movement is based on lasting business partnerships between artisans and buyers. Fair trade exists to provide a market for goods produced by marginalized artisans in impoverished regions. The artisans are paid a living wage- one that enables them to provide for their daily necessities as well as the ability to send their children to school and reinvest in their communities. Fair trade is a way of doing business in which the future is bright for all involved.

      To learn more about fair trade, we suggest visiting the Fair Trade Federation's website at http://www.fairtradefederation.org

      Where do your Made in the USA products come from?

      We source a portion of our clothing collection from select Made in the USA apparel companies that offer high quality, unique apparel. These apparel companies are mainly Los Angeles based and their factories are 100% compliant with the standard labor laws in the United States.

      Do you support local artists?

      Absolutely! We love to support local artists and makers. Many we find while out and about in our communities, some we find on social media and even Etsy. If you think the product you make would be a good fit for Tin Lizzy, feel free to email us line sheets and photos at info@shoptinlizzy.com.



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